Pakistan Puts Key US Informant on Trial- and yet This Is Our Ally?

Once again, Pakistan, a country that we give over $1.6 billion in aid to annually and supposedly one of our allies in the Middle East, has shown that they’re anything but friendly to us. We bombard many of our enemies with sanctions or worse, whether they be Iraq, Cuba, Iran, or Syria. This time, they’ve started a trial for treason against a Pakistani doctor who provided important information that led to the death of Osama bin Laden. That’s right, the same Osama bin Laden that they probably knew about anyway. But Pakistan- which, despite not being listed by the US as a state sponser of terrorism, meets every definition of the word. Pakistan’s military intelligence agency, the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), has been supporting terrorist attacks, ranging from the July 2005 attacks in London, the assassination attempt on Afghan President Hamid Karzai in June 2008, or the July 2008 attack on the Indian embassy. The military helicopter that was downed in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, instead of being returned to the United States as a good ally would do, was “donated” to our good friends the Chinese.

Quite simply, Pakistan does not view the United States as a long-term force in the Middle East. It has its own ambitions, and by supporting militant organizations within both itself and Afghanistan, it is securing allies to prop up its government and gaining influence in neighboring Afghanistan. Pakistan also views those militant groups as ones that it can use to keep Indian influence out of what it considers to be “its” sphere of influence as well.

Yet we still give them aid. Aid that, given our deficit, we can’t really afford. And that aid isn’t spent on what it should be spent- officials claim that 70% of it was misspent from 2002-2007. Although we currently depend on them to wage a war in Afghanistan, we should recognize that Pakistan is one of the main reasons for why we’re not winning that war. It’s time to put an end to throwing money at a lost cause, and instead work on countries in that region who actually are our allies, such as India. If Pakistan decides to get its act together, stop supporting militant organizations, and actually helps its supposed allies, then we’ll talk.

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