Federal Budget Cuts You Don’t Want To See

There are many spending cuts that are included in the Republican budget proposal. These cuts, as part of non-discretionary non-military spending, are often inconsequential to the overall budget yet provide valuable serves that can have large effects on you, the economy, and the nation. Some of these cuts include:

$755 million from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (about 10% of the center’s budget). Quite obviously, cuts made here affect public health and safety in communities throughout the United States. Similarly, the EPA ($1.6 billion) and NIH ($1 billion) will also experience significant cuts, posing a further risk to health.

Alternative energy and development. This includes $899 million for energy efficiency and renewable energy, $169 million for nuclear energy, $31 million for fossil energy research and $18 million for coal. At a time when the world is turning to greener energy and our county needs to turn toward energy independence, these cuts could not be more hazardous to those goals.

Food safety regulation, including $53 million from the Food Safety and Inspection Services and $220 million from the FDA. With less money available for enforcing safety and quality standards, the health of our country’s citizens is put on the line.

$27 million for Poison Control Centers. This has been attempted in the state of Lousiana before, and the result was the skyrocketing of medical costs. Poison Control Centers manage to treat 70% of cases at home, saving people trips to the hospital and wasting money on unnecessary medical fees. Statistics show that we save $7 on medical fees for every dollar we spent on Poison Control Centers.

$2 billion for Job Training Programs. This, combined with other cuts which will cause layoffs throughout the country, will make it more difficult for Americans to find and obtain jobs, which will slow down economic recovery.

$593 million for the Internal Revenue Service. This will cause cuts in the enforcement of taxes, and is estimated to cost the United States $4 billion annually. A very smart move when trying to balance the budget.

These are only some of the budget cuts that I have decided to mention here, although there are countless others. To those of you who will say that these cuts are necessary to fight our deficit issue, I’d like to point out that this only adds up to a few billion dollars- about the cost of a single unnecessary military weapons design. The harm that these cuts will do is worth far more than what will be saved financially.

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