Don’t Cut the Future; Don’t Cut Education

Education is one of the most important investments that any government can make. It is what produces any country’s next generation of innovators, leaders and specialists, as well as an educated and civilized citizen population. Education is what promotes economic growth and what allows for advanced society. However, whenever any government experiences financial hardships, where do they turn for money? That’s right, education!

We see it going on at local levels right now. Officials in Providence, RI and Detroit, MI are planning on cutting enormous numbers of schools. Indiana and Wisconsin are planning on attacking the salaries and benefits of teachers, the ones who are among the most responsible for creating an effective future generation. Even Republicans in Congress are called for cuts to education as part of the budget! John Boehner (Now I know that Joe will probably disagree here) has also proposed similar draconian cuts to this country’s future. Politicians, and especially Republicans, have to stop attacking what this country needs to not only grow, but to survive. Education levels are low enough in this country as it is, and we don’t need them getting lower. Instead, we need additional investment in education, or we’ll find ourselves spiraling even faster along that road to national disaster. Financial recovery will have to come from other sources, which do exist. What we need are politicians who are willing to actually use those other sources.

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